Though I am hoping to chage the look around quite a bit down the line, I wanted to gut this section and update it. TV is a HUGE part of my life. Since I was a kid, I always had cable, then satellite, then at one point two satallite providers. Last year, we thought we'd try something different. We all know about services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, among others. We decided to shut off the dishes and see if we could survive on just the over the air networks, the streaming services we subscribed to, and just using the web. Surprisingly, it was was a LOT easier than I thought. It also cut our monthly television bill down from about $250 a month to less than $25 (obviously not counting our ISP). Less one sport I enjoy, everything else either streamed or had a presence on the web. So I figured i'd rip this section down and build it around what I have learned.

Since I am just amasing this list, I will have it broken down into four sections. Links directly to complete television shows, movies, concerts, sporting events, and links to networks in the US and Canada that either stream live video or allow you to watch shows from their site. A lot of the television shows and movies are on sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, etc., so there is always the chance they can be removed at any time. When I do update this section, I will try and remove all the dead links everytime I update with new content. In time, when I have a lot of links available, I will break them down into categories, but right now, I just have small lists posted. Enjoy. :)

televison shows




websites that stream

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