For classic games, I kept this to second generation through fourth generation games, so the late 1970's through early/mid-1990's. To be honest, this was the time period where I was most into gaming and just enjoyed playing. The Intellivision was my first real console, so it does have that special place in my heart so to speak. Yes, I do still have a working one, but for the most part, really just play the games I bought in the XBox Live Arcade Game Room. When I did collect video games, this was the time period I collected from.

To those who have XBox Live and have downloaded the Game Room, feel free to send me a friend request and play in my arcade. I have a handful of the Intellivision and Atari games below available in there.

Favorite Intellivision games

Favorite Atari games

Favorite Genesis games

Favorite other games

1. Astrosmash

1. Demon Attack (2600)

1. Hellfire

1. Devil's Crush (Turbo Grafx-16)

2. BurgerTime

2. Submarine Commander (2600)

2. Street Fighter II: C. E.

2. Baseball Stars 2 (Neo Geo)

3. Lock 'n Chase

3. Phoenix (2600)

3. Super High Impact

3. Gorf (Colecovision)

4. Advanced D & D: Tarmin

4. Berzerk (5200)

4. Star Wars Arcade

4. Galaga '90 (Turbo Grafx-16)

5. Frog Bog

5. Montezuma's Revenge (2600)

5. Gunstar Heroes

5. Side Pocket (NES)

6. Bump 'n Jump

6. Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (2600)

6. Lemmings

6. Q*Bert's Qubes (Colecovision)

7. Utopia

7. Jr. Pac-Man (2600)

7. Raiden Trad

7. Tetris (Tengen version) (NES)

8. Major League Baseball

8. Asteroids (2600)

8. Ms. Pac-Man

8. 3 Count Bout (Neo Geo)

9. Thunder Castle

9. Donkey Kong (7800)

9. Wrestle War

9. Sim City (SNES)

10. Reversi

10. Atlantis (2600)

10. Virtua Fighter

10. Dragon Spirit (Turbo Grafx-16)

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