Back in the day, I can't remember if my first computer was the Atari 800XL or the Commodore 64. Either way, the Commodore 64 just dominated that time period I probably had like 1500 games back then before jumping up to a PC in 1990. I broke the PC games up into two sections for one reason. It seems as Windows “improved” over the years, the older games were no longer compatible. Plus, it would be difficult to limit a list to ten games when the PC spans over 21 years of gaming.

I just wanted to point out that Typhoon 2001 is a freeware version of Tempest 2000 that just surpasses the original in so many ways. If you played Tempest, you really need to track this game down!!!

Favorite Commodore 64 games

Favorite early PC games

Favorite modern PC games

Favorite other games

1. Seven Cities of Gold

1. SimCity

1. Typhoon 2001

1. Munchman (TI 99/4-A)

2. Montezuma's Revenge

2. Virtual Pool

2. Virtual Pool 3

2. Donkey Kong (Atari computers)

3. Beachhead

3. Full Throttle

3. Rome: Total War

3. Hardball! (Atari computers)

4. Summer Games

4. SimTower

4. Chessmaster 9000

4. Demon Attack (TI 99/4-A)

5. Omega Race

5. Doom

5. Mall Tycoon

5. Crazy Kong (Commodore VIC-20)

6. Choplifter

6. Monopoly Star Wars

6. Tropico

6. Gorf (Commodore VIC-20)

7. Sky Fox

7. Indoor Sports

7. Puzzle Quest

7. TI Invaders (TI 99/4-A)

8. Winter Games

8. Myst

8. Q*Bert

8. Basketball (Atari computers)

9. B.C. Quest For Tires

9. Lego Chess

9. Tycoon City: New York

9. One on One: Dr. J vs. Bird (Atari)

10. Archon

10. Virtual Vegas

10. Eco Tycoon: Project Green

10. Parsec (Texas Instruments 99/4-A)

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