I can admit, I love video games. Technically the first console I ever had was the RCA Studio II when I was a child though it wasn't until 1981 that I sparked my love of gaming. A friend of mine in school, Steve Berman, let me borrow his copy of Electronic Games magazine and the hook was in. I probably annoyed and pissed off my parents until the holidays when the first real console made it's way into the house, Mattel Electronics' Intellivision... and the house turned into a home. Shortly there after I started to collect video games, which was kind of fun, not to mention difficult since this was pre-internet and pre-eBay. In the late 1980's I was fortunate enough to meet Electronic Games founder, the late Bill Kunkel online (I was a Q-Link wrestling host), which, to me, was the coolest thing and over the years, it was GREAT talking video games with him. I think I enjoy playing almost anything. Arcade games, translations and remakes. Sports games, fighting games, puzzle games, racing games (NO NASCAR!!), weird games (Katamari!!), ect, ect... I know the lists seem like a lot of games, but I do leave the house and know what the sun looks like...

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