Fairchild Channel F was released by Fairchild Semiconductor in August 1976. It was the first programmable ROM-based cartridge video game console. The console comes with two games built in, Hockey and Tennis. It was launched as the “Video Entertainment System”, but was renamed when Atari released the Atari Video Computer System (later renamed the Atari 2600). At the time of release, the system retailed for $169.95 with cartridges going for $19.95. Channel F games were used on TV for an interactive afternoon show “TV POWW” (or “TV PIXX” in the New York area), eventually replaced by the Intellivision games which were available in the “Sharp Shot” cartridge.

Game title

Game title

Alien Invasion (Videocart 26)

Maze, Cat and Mouse (Videocart 10)

Backgammon, Acey-Duecy (Videocart 11)

Memory Match (Videocart 15)

Baseball (Videocart 12)

Mind Reader, Nim (Videocart 8)

Bowling (Videocart 21)

Pinball Challenge (Videocart 17)

Casino Poker (Videocart 25)

Pro-Football (Videocart 24)

Checkers (Videocart 19)

Slot Machine (Videocart 22)

Demo 1 (Videocart 51)

Space War (Videocart 5)

Desert Fox, Shooting Gallery (Videocart 2)

Spitfire (Videocart 4)

Dodge'It (Videocart 16)

Sonar Search (Videocart 14)

Drag Strip (Videocart 9)

Tic Tac Toe, Shooting Gallery, Doodle, Quadradoodle (VC 1)

Galactic Space Wars (Videocart 23)

Torpedo Alley, Robot War (Videocart 13)

Hangman (Videocart 18)

Video Blackjack (Videocart 3)

Math Quiz (Addition & Subtraction) (Videocart 6)

Video Whizball (Videocart 20)

Math Quiz (Multiplication & Division) (Videocart 7)