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9/15/2010: Are you sitting down? Sometimes shock is a hard thing to deal with. Ya know what? The DVDs are back... well, some of them. I know at one point the site had 10,000+ shows on it, but right now, closer to 40 as I rebuild it all... I am actually redesigning the whole look and format, but I wanted to put SOMETHING up in the meantime... The next update will actually see me break the entire section down by promotion rather than by DVDs, pictures, etc, etc...

Focus of this site: If you're looking for news, videos, and information on the WWE (bleh), NWA (it died in 1990, when will the corpse realize that?!), TNA (how is that even still alive?!?!), ROH, or other lesser US indie promotions, you are definitely in the wrong place... this section is here to focus mainly on Japan and Mexico... the bulk of this site will be history, focusing more on the 1980's and 1990's. There will be some from the 2000's, probably just major shows... On occasions there will be DVD and/or TV show reviews, but those will be very few and very far between...

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